Whether you're a tree-hugger, hiker, forester, logger, or just a regular person, trees play an important role in the lives of everyone. Whether they are offering shade from the sun, filling our lungs with clean air to breathe, providing building materials for our homes, or delivering us delicious and healthy fruit to eat, trees are subtly involved in people's daily lives. Occurring annually on the final Friday of April, Arbor Day presents an opportunity to recognize the vital role that trees play in our daily lives while also giving an opportunity to foster the impact they have by planting a new tree. Here's a look at some of the most dramatic, inspiring, and just plain fun posts we found on Twitter of people celebrating #ArborDay.












At Alliance Tire Group, we appreciate the critical role trees play in our daily lives. We promote sustainable foresting and logging with the hopes of being able to reap the benefits offered by trees for years to come. We understand the value of protecting our trees and that is why we developed Primex Forestry Tires, a line of forestry flotation tires. Flotation tires allow the heavy machinery used by foresters and loggers to get to hard-to-access parts of the forest while minimizing the damage done to the fragile soils on the forests floors. This feature allows trees to regrow faster and easier.

We at ATG hope you had a great Arbor Day and were able to get outside, plant a tree, go for a hike, or just meditate for a moment on the many gifts given to us by trees. To learn more about the benefits of trees visit arborday.org/trees/benefits.cfm