With 42 years of experience working for Central Farm Service (CFS) in Kenyon, Minnesota, it’s safe to say that custom applicator Steve Aldrich has driven a lot of different machines and ridden on a lot of different tires over the years. Because of this, we were very excited when we learned he was willing to share the great experience he’s had with our Alliance AgriFlex 363 IF tires on video.

These days, applicators are asking more of their machines and tires than ever before. Tires need to be able to handle rough fields, hills, and roads...not to mention ensure maximum traction, resist punctures and flats, deliver a low total cost of ownership (TCO). And if they happen to look good (trust us, the 363 is a looker!), all the better. It was with all these variables in mind, and the desire to create a tire that meets the demands of professionals like Steve Aldrich, that we created the Alliance AgriFlex 363 IF tire.


363.jpgWhile delivering the performance to meet the needs of custom applicators is important, ATG aims to meet those needs without sacrificing ride quality. After all, one of the fundamental qualities of a tire—and an important way it can contribute to productivity—is how it rides. We were ecstatic listening to Steve’s repeated remarks on the excellent ride delivered by our Alliance 363 IF. Whether on the road (at speeds up to 40 mph!), in rough fields, or navigating hillsides, the 363 IF offers a smooth ride and lets operators concentrate on their job, stay between the rows more easily, drive faster, get less fatigued, and work more efficiently overall.

At Alliance Tire Group, we’re committed to building tires to help farmers and custom applicators tackle the real challenges facing them in the field and on the road, and when we receive compelling testimonials like this one, we know what we’re doing is working. Don’t forget to watch the video and learn how the Alliance 363 IF has been working for Steve and how it might solve some issues facing you on your farm.
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