When Karen Christenson of Minnetonka, Minnesota, entered the Alliance Tire Luke Bryan Farm Tour Sweepstakes, she knew exactly who her first call was going to be: Chelsea Langhans, the 25-year-old daughter of a close friend. She had given Chelsea tickets to Luke’s Kick the Dust Up show in Minneapolis in June as payment for dog-sitting, and the two bonded over Luke’s music.

Luke Bryan Sweepstakes Winner

“When I entered the contest, I called Chelsea and said, ‘pack your bags—I just entered a Luke Bryan sweepstakes and we’re going to win!’” Karen says. “But a month ago, Chelsea was killed in a head-on collision. She was the most beautiful, talented and vibrant person one could ever meet. Her personality was contagious and the love she had for people was truly amazing.”

Karen says she believes Chelsea had an invisible hand in her selection as the winner of the Alliance Tire sweepstakes, which awarded her and three guests a trip to meet Luke Bryan in person and see him perform live in Macon, Georgia, on his 2015 Farm Tour.

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Karen’s a new Luke Bryan fan, but a dedicated one. When she couldn’t get a ride from a boating club trip on Lake Minnetonka last June, she spent half the day walking back to town so she could see Luke’s show in Minneapolis. She says Luke’s songs—especially “Drink a Beer”—made her a fan immediately, and became her song for remembering Chelsea.

Luke Bryan Sweepstakes Winner Meet and Greet

“There’s something about Luke Bryan’s music,” she says. “His lyrics are so powerful. From everything I’ve read, he’s just such a great guy, a great husband, great dad. He’s an honest and genuine person, and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to his music. He’s so good to look at, too.”

“I just hope Luke sings ‘Drink a Beer’ and dedicates it to Chelsea,” Karen says. “I know she’ll be listening and she will be having a beer with me.”

As a sponsor of the 2015 Luke Bryan Farm Tour, Alliance Tire was at every show on the circuit.