Anyone who has spent much time traveling knows the comfort a little touch of home can provide. For some travelers, it’s as ordinary as a pillow or a favorite television show loaded onto an iPad. For others, it may be the sight of the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s and the prospect of a Big Mac after a few days of exotic and unfamiliar food. For some of the frequent fliers at Alliance Tire Americas, it’s the sight of an Alliance, Galaxy, or Primex tire outside of the U.S. that serves as a comforting reminder of home—especially if it’s on a machine that would feel at place in America’s heartland.


To many people, the prospect of getting a Big Mac during their travels probably seems more likely than seeing an ATG tire, but you’d be surprised; McDonald’s proudly boasts on their website that they operate restaurants in over 100 countries, but Alliance Tire Group has a presence in 120 countries! More so, Alliance currently exists on 6 continents, and it’s only a matter of time before those Antarctic research stations learn the value of our flotation tires.

  Alliance Tire Group has a presence in 120 countries!

Denmark.jpgFor ATG, building tires to solve the real-world problems facing our customers is always on the top of our minds. And serving a worldwide customer base means that we build tires to work in some of the globe’s harshest terrain and landscapes. When we say our farm tires are engineered to help prevent compaction in wet fields, we’re not only talking about a wet year in the Midwest; we’re talking about places with notoriously soggy conditions year after year, like the boggy fields of northern Europe. Whether it's the blazing deserts of the Middle East or the frozen forests of Scandinavia, Alliance Tire Group’s tires are put to the test to the benefit of all of our customers.

At ATG, we haven’t merely glimpsed the future, we’re living it. We operate in emerging markets as well as established ones, and we strive to help our customers meet and adapt to the challenges they face. Whether it’s the battle against soil compaction, the need to increase productivity, or the need to lower costs, Alliance is at the forefront of helping our customers meet these tests. And, as global equipment companies continue to build increasingly powerful and sophisticated machines, Alliance is in lockstep with the industry, creating innovative and advanced tires to unlock that equipment's potential.

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Whether you’re logging in the U.S.’s Pacific Northwest, row cropping in the Midwest, or building along the East Coast’s I-95 belt, contact your ATG dealer to learn more about a product that has proven itself across the globe.