No time of the year evokes more emotion for farmers than harvest, and while many of us go through the full spectrum of feelings every season, one emotion seems to stand out year after year: passion. While we can’t be in the field with everyone during this magical time, we love that so many of you share your harvest with the world on social media. Your posts let those who can’t be in the field get a feel for the early mornings, the late nights, and, most importantly, the passion that this time of year elicits in all of us. Now it’s our turn to share—here are a few of our favorite Twitter posts using the hashtag #harvest17.

Dirt Sweat N Tears‏ @farmermegzz

We got moved over & started on #barley I almost forgot how itchy it was 😬 #Harvest17 #farmlife #cdnag @AgMoreThanEver @westernproducer

harvest 4 hs.png
Lindsay Kimbrell‏ @Kimbrellfarms06

They always do cool stuff when I don't have my camera. I missed the good part but I'll take this one @toddkimbrelljr @kimbrellpayton

harvest 6 hs.png
Hill Family Farm‏ @HillFamilyFarm

About that time! Good moisture on the beans so we are full speed ahead! #harvest17 – at Hill Family Farm

harvest 13 hs.png
Brian Jensen‏ @JensenSeedCo 

Heading into the final stretch of wheat harvest, Shelly on top of the leaderboard #harvest17 – at Jensen Seed Co

harvest 1 hs.png
Todd Klassy‏ @Todd_Klassy
Cutting wheat.
Valier, Montana
#harvest17 #harvest #agriculture #montanaag #montana #johndeere #farmpics #rural #country #farming

harvest 5 hs.png
Scott Gabert‏ @sgabert31

You just don't get wheat any nicer than this. #harvest17 #lastoneever

harvest 7 hs.png
Justin Price‏ @jcprice2014

#harvest17 is getting closer to an end for us in NC! Corn has been great this year. 100 acres left to go!

harvest 10 hs.png
Patrick Olson‏ @PatrickWOlson

When the grass lot isn’t big enough #BinProblems #harvest17

harvest 14 hs.png
Jason Calhoun‏ @hooner308 

And so it begins! #harvest17 #FarmLife #lovemyjob

harvest 9 hs.png
Tom Even‏ @TomEven2

Pioneer P1449AMX
Filling the pile!!

final harvest.png
Frank‏ @legnerfarms 

It's Time to Go to Work! #harvest17

harvest 18 hs.png
Alison McGrew‏ @AlisonMcGrew

#farmboy #harvest17 #corn #agchat #agtwitter

harvest 17 hss.png
Bailey Family Farm‏ @baileyfamfarm 

No more waiting! #harvest17 is underway.

harvest 8 hs.png
cj springer‏ @stryck2 

another field of Channel 2817RR Extend beans done #harvest17 @ChannelSeed #PlacetoPerform #contest @farmerspringbob

harvest 15 hs.png
Mark Heckman‏ @wlheckman_mark 

How's the view from your office today? Sunrise on #harvest17

harvest 16 hs.png
Regan Brader‏ @BraderRegan

Mowing the yard tonight. #harvest17

harvest 11 hs.png
John Kowalchuk‏ @KowalchukFarms

Tonight's sunset brought to you by Alberta Wheat. #Harvest17

harvest hs.png

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