The damage and disruption caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Jose, and Maria will have a lasting effect on the communities they ravaged. The sooner these communities are able to rebuild, the sooner they will be able to put these traumatic natural disasters behind them.


One of the major issues facing builders in Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean will be the demand for lumber and plywood. Prices for softwood lumber have consistently climbed throughout the year, and the increased demand as a result of rebuilding is sure to further push prices up.

It’s not only lumber prices that have risen in the aftermath of these events, the price of roofing materials is also climbing. Hurricane Harvey delivered a one-two punch to hurricane-affected areas as it brought not only destruction, but also took over 20% of the U.S.’s refining capacity offline. Because asphalt is a byproduct of crude oil, that shutdown mixed with the additional need for resources will push prices up.  

The challenges facing these communities as they begin to rebuild is more than just surging material prices. Ammassing the labor force needed for such a vast demolition, renovation, and construction effort is a pressing issue. Before the hurricanes, the construction industry was already facing a labor crisis, and with the increase in work, prices for labor will skyrocket (if labor can even be found, that is).

In order to overcome the challenges facing the communities impacted by Harvey and Irma, it will be vital for construction companies to operate as productively and efficiently as possible. To get people back in their homes and begin restoring normalcy—and to do it at cost that people and construction companies can afford—it will be imperative to make the most of every moment, man hour, and machine.

Although it’s hard to foresee devastation like that brought by the 2017 hurricane season, At ATG, we purpose-build our tires to overcome the real-world problems facing our customers. our construction tires are designed to work in the most challenging terrain, keep machines running, and reduce downtime—key attributes when everyday crews are working to get people back into their homes and jobs.

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