What would you think if I told you that you could cause 20% less damage to your soil simply by changing your tire? or that you could carry 20% more weight at the same tire pressure? You can't believe it? Well, believe it.

With the introduction of the new Alliance Agriflex IF 372 IF650/65R34 CFO size, ATG has released its 31st increased flotation (IF/VF) tire under the Alliance brand—making our line-up of IF and VF tires one of the biggest in the industry.


The Alliance IF 372 (pictured to the right) features a special stubble guard compound and the ability—like other IF tires—to carry 20 percent more load at the same inflation pressure as conventional radials, or to carry the same load at 20 percent less pressure. VF tires, or very-high-flexion tires, boost those figures to 40 percent more load or 40 percent less inflation pressure (See diagram below on the added flexing of IF and VF tires).

So, with the right set of tires you can carry more stuff and make fewer runs, or you can get better protection against crop damage caused by compaction of the soil. Either way, you win, and we haven't even taken into consideration the improved ROI you can get from our long-lasting Alliance IF tires, or the extra ride comfort that adds to productivity.

What’s especially exciting is that the Alliance IF and VF line provides IF and VF solutions for a variety of farm machinery, from combines and tractors to self-propelled sprayers—31 ways. That's more options in IF and VF than just about all of our competitors can provide.

if_diagramOur hats are off to our global engineering, design and manufacturing teams, who have put Alliance Tire at the forefront of the IF/VF revolution.

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