It's hard to believe that another wheat harvest is coming to an end. For the past few weeks, many of you have probably spent more time on and in your tractors, combines, and trucks than anywhere else. While harvest days are long and busy, we love that so many farmers are willing to stop for a minute to take in the beauty of the farm and fields, and we're grateful that many of you share that moment with the world on places like Twitter. Here are a few of the posts from this year's wheat harvest that made us feel like we were behind the wheel of a combine and hard at work in the heartland that used the hashtag #wheatharvest16.

My favorite time of year. #harvest16 #harvest #wheatharvest16 #iPhoneSE #iPhonephotography #iPhoneonly @BComeault
No words needed. #wheatharvest16 @Ian_Goding
wh-add2.png#wheatharvest16 last strip of day 6. @VitucciFarms
Last field of #wheatharvest16 should b done today. Been going since July 5 with one small rain delay #feelsgood @ChetEdinger
Stick a fork in #wheatharvest16 @ChrisCullan1
wh16-82.pngNow that #wheatharvest16 is done, our @AgriMAXXWheat beat every variety it competed with! #bigyields #leagueofitsown @AgVentureWMO 
wh16-4_2.png#AgriPro #Syngenta wheat - Monument behind canola 75.2b/a 64 lb. tw #wheatharvest16 #okag #okanola @kuhnemund3
wh16-32.png#wheatharvest16 is complete #niggfarms2016 15 inch wheat out yielded the 7.5 inch by 5 bushel @LouieDN
wh16-72.pngLove my job!! #farmlife #wheatharvest16 @MikeLitke1
wh16-102.pngMy home away from home for the next few weeks. #harvest16 #wheatharvest16 @hdurnin
wh16-142.pngGreat start to the wheat harvest, yields looking great. #wheatharvest16 #cdnag #wolfeisland #islandlife @christina_pyke
wh16-152.png#Wheatharvest16 started yesterday! Our cows will be happy with some fresh bedding and fiber in their diet! #farm365 @NYAnimalAg
#wheatharvest16 put to a screeching halt by one heck of a storm @TimVanderlinde
wh16-22.pngWinter wheat harvest has officially started @ Inbody Farms #wheatharvest16 #MontanaMoment @sinbody28
wh-add3_2.pngAnd just like that it's over. What a harvest, record wheat but major breakdowns and crazy hail. #wheatharvest16 @benblumhardt
wh16-12_2.png#Kansas #wheatharvest16 "This has just been an extraordinary harvest" @BourGermain

By all accounts, this year's wheat harvest has exceeded expectations. While wheat farmers have been busy in the fields, ATG has been busy engineering tires that meet the demands of today's hardworking farmers. Our line of Alliance farm tires can help with everything from minimizing the impact that heavy bins have on fields to reducing slippage and lowering fuel consumption of combines. Even better, Alliance farm tires are built to stand up to hard days and tough work, ensuring you don't have any unexpected downtime during critical times, such as harvest.

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