Drive through almost any city or town on “trash day” and you will see a growing number of blue recycling bins waiting to be picked up. Recycling has become integral in the daily lives of Americans, but what hasn’t kept pace with the increased adoption of recycling is profit. Over the past few years, the recycling industry has been challenged by falling oil prices and a strong U.S. dollar, making it vital for recyclers to manage the profit factors over which they have influence.


While the average person sees just a blue bin filled with empty bottles, cans, and magazines, to recyclers, the contents of your blue bin are the commodities in which they trade. Easily baled and reused items like newspapers, thick soda bottles, and aluminum cans have all undergone changes in recent years. Recycled newspaper, for example—a formerly lucrative commodity—has declined in use so much that it’s no longer considered a key item.

Innovations in product packaging also impact the recycling industry. Many producers have decreased the amount of plastic used in their bottles, and some industries have moved away from heavier packaging like cans, transitioning instead to vacuum-sealed laminated pouches which cannot be recycled. Lighter bottles, fewer cans, and changes in packaging materials mean recyclers now spend more resources sorting and processing recyclables for less sellable product in return.

At ATG, we can't do a whole lot to influence commodity prices, but we can help recyclers keep their tire costs down. Our expanding line of Galaxy Severe Duty Solid tires are tailor-made to last long and perform well in recycling and waste management environments. Built on our reputation for fantastic service life and low total cost of ownership (TCO), and designed for working in harsh conditions, our SDS tires are puncture proof to reduce downtime and keep productivity at a maximum.

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