You tried with tracks
Big tires (on rims)
And the fields still refuse to get planted
You just can’t win
And so it goes
Till the day you die
This thing they call spring planting
It’s gonna make you cry
I’ve pulled with Blues
Reds, Greens - I'll try Pinks
One thing's for sure...

Mud Stinks!

So far this year, much of the U.S. has been experiencing an unusually wet spring, which in turn has led to a wet, late, and frustrating planting season. While it’s easy to preach patience, with yields and profits at stake, many of us don’t feel like we have the option of waiting to get into the fields. If you’ve been rocking while you’ve been waiting to get rolling this planting season, this one's for you: Mud Stinks!

Greg Peterson @MachineryPete 
Ugh No. 7...

mudstiinks11 hs.png

It's been one of those days!
mudstiinks1 hs.png
Mike Daniels 
This sums up planting in SE WI and Northern Il

mudstinks2 hs.png

Andre Parent 
Got stuck a few times so far but this one is the worst

mudstinks hs.png

Randy Fischer 
Not as dry as I thought

mudstinks6 hs.png

Well that was fun  

mudstinks8 hs.png

Justin Kinsey 

mudstinks9 4.png

Cole McMahon 
Joined the club today

mudstinks 12 hs.png

Kyle Wasson  
once again.

mudstinks 13 hs.png

Michael Bury 
Things were going way too good to last!

mudstinks 14 hs.png

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