The process of reclaiming and reusing materials recovered from older homes and buildings facing replacement has become increasingly prevalent. From builders looking to make their projects greener to companies working to add charm and authenticity to their work while distinguishing themselves from the competition, reclaiming materials from soon-to-be-demoed sites offers today’s construction businesses a host of advantages.


Whether it’s a full deconstruction—the methodical disassembling of an older structure—or a soft strip—where the highest-value and easiest-to-remove materials are taken—construction businesses have a variety of options for reclaiming older materials. Even better, many of these materials are more valuable now than they were at the original time of construction.

Despite the many positives associated with reclaiming and reusing construction materials, the process is not without its drawbacks. For example, deconstruction or a soft strip can take considerably longer than a simple demo. Additionally, the process is labor intensive and the undertaking of cleaning, moving, and storing the materials can be expensive.

Luckily, forward-thinking companies are finding ways to offset these prohibitive factors, as well as new opportunities along the way. For one, incorporating the use of old materials—such as flooring, cabinets, and plumbing fixtures like sinks—in new construction can save on the cost of buying new materials. It also reduces the cost associated with disposing of old materials; a survey from The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that builders pay an average of $500 per home for waste removal. 

If it’s not feasible to incorporate the older materials in the new structure, there is also the opportunity to sell the reclaimed items to cover the costs of deconstruction. It’s also possible to receive a tax deduction if your operation chooses to donate the materials.

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Other progressive construction companies are using the labor-intensive process of deconstruction as an entry point into their company for minimally skilled workers with an interest in the trades. Deconstruction gives these workers the opportunity to gain skills and prove themselves in the field.    

Because deconstruction and soft strips can be time-consuming and costly to begin with, the need for crews to be productive and efficient while avoiding downtime is paramount. Our Galaxy Hulk SDS is perfect for this type of work. Using the tread pattern from the long-time favorite Galaxy Hulk, the new SDS features solid construction—perfect for protection from nails, screws, sharp scraps, and tools to ensure that your crews won’t suffer downtime as the result of a puncture. 

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