What would you think about a sprayer tire that is rated for speeds up to 40 mph? One that can carry heavy loads with a low inflation pressure and that has a tread specifically designed to give you a smoother ride both on the road and in the field? Something that could offer you less soil compaction and that has a tougher tread that can help in reducing stubble wear?

Well - It's here. The new Alliance Agriflex 363 increased flexion (IF) sprayer tire has all these features and more. Not only is it engineered with the most advanced technology to stand up to tough farming conditions, it's also affordable and even money-saving in the long term.


With the Alliance Agriflex 363 IF tire on your sprayer you can carry the same loads as a standard radial tire while exerting 20% less compaction pressure on your fragile soil. Or you can carry a 20% heavier load with the same tire pressure. 

Rated for speeds of up to 40 mph, the 363 will increase business efficiency because you'll be spending less time on the road and more time on the fields. Optimizing the design for this IF sprayer tire has been a real challenge, but with our world class R&D and the help of our customers, we think we've got this one just right.

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  • The innovative block design of the 363 gives long wear and ride comfort.
  • The middle block pattern enables the outside lugs to be positioned at an angle where there is a lot of rubber on the ground meaning a larger footprint and a smoother ride for the operator.
  • This block design equalizes loading across the footprint - and with its steel belts, the 363 offers a more square flatter impression in the field. An improved footprint means there will be less soil compaction; the load is evenly distributed improving traction and wear, and achieving overall savings in time and money for the farmer.
  • The IF 363's steel belted design creates a tread area that is much more resistant to penetration because the belts protect the carcass from damaging stubble and other risks.
Tire testing in the fields and on the roads across America is confirming that we've hit a home run with the Alliance Agriflex 363 -- nothing but great results and feedback from happy farmers.

The 363(IF) is currently available in three popular sprayer tire sizes -- IF320/90R46, IF380/90R46 and IF480/80R50.

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