One of the greatest things about sponsoring the National Tractor Pullers' Association—other than the excitement of watching champions like Doug Lively coax mega-horsepower machines into pulling massive sleds down the track — is traveling deep into the heart of the country and meeting the farmers and families who are hard at work feeding, clothing and fueling the country.

At the Firetops 300 Tractor Pull in Pinetops, NC, we had the pleasure of getting to know Bert Pitt, who is one of the pull’s committed long-time organizers and, as it turns out, is a dyed-in-the-wool Alliance fan!


Bert (pictured to the right) was representing the South Edgecombe Rural Fire Department, which organizes the Firetops 300 as a fundraiser. But it also turned out that he’d bought a set of Alliance R-1 radials for the 4-wheel-drive Case 8920 last year he runs on his family farm near Macclesfield, NC. He couldn't wait to talk to ma about them - in fact he was so happy he volunteered to talk about his experience on camera. 



The first thing he told us was that he really put the tires to the test.  “Cotton stalks are tough on tires, period,” he explained.  Running down the road between fields is no picnic on farm tires, either. But his Alliance tires are working well—in the field and on the road.

Bert said his tire dealer, Lawrence Wells of Macclesfield Tire Center, recommended Alliance tires when it was time for a change. 

“He pushed them because of other sales he had, the quality of the tire and the price,” said Bert. “The farmers he sold them to are real satisfied, and now I can tell him I’m satisfied.

“So far, they’ve handled them real well, they’re not chipping or anything, so we’re real tickled with Alliance tires,” he said.

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Hearing that was even better than listening to the rumble of the tractors in the arena.

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