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Sep 21, 2017 11:41:52 AM

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Reclaiming Materials & Advantages in Construction

The process of reclaiming and reusing materials recovered from older homes and buildings facing replacement has become increasingly prevalent. From builders looking to make their projects greener to companies working to add charm and authenticity to their work while distinguishing themselves from the competition, reclaiming materials from soon-to-be-demoed sites offers today’s construction businesses a host of advantages.

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Feb 21, 2017 10:17:00 AM

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When it Comes to Big Opportunities in OTR/Industrial Tires, Alliance Tire's Bruce Besancon Says, "Think Small"

OTR tire dealers who continue to focus their business mainly on large mining tires may be digging themselves into a hole and missing the growing opportunities the growing small-OTR tire segments present today, said Bruce Besancon, Vice President of Marketing for Alliance Tire Americas, Inc., at  the Tire Industry Association (TIA) OTR Conference in Oahu. Besancon, who built his career in the mining and OTR markets of North America and Europe, is passionate about helping tire dealers make the most of an exciting, and challenging, business.

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Posted by Bruce Besancon

Apr 25, 2016 9:56:45 AM

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CAT Presents Alliance with Supplier Award

The Building Construction Products Division of Caterpillar, Inc., presented the Alliance Tire Group (ATG) with a fourth-quarter 2015 Business Continuity Planning award in recognition of the company’s perfect performance in supplying Galaxy Beefy Baby tires to Cat’s Sanford, NC, plant.

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Apr 21, 2016 10:59:53 AM

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Skid Steer Tire Tips

With the skid steer’s continued growth in prominence on today's construction sites, Alliance Tire Group has been hard at work crafting our skid steer tires to meet the demands of today’s machines. New applications and uses for the skid steer are being discovered on a seemingly daily basis. Galaxy purpose-builds tires to stand up to the rigors of the challenging terrain and rugged tasks they are asked to perform.

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Posted by Barry Clifford

Mar 9, 2016 12:12:48 PM

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Building with Wood–From Forest to Construction Site

With faster construction times and a softer environmental impact, wood could be the building material of the past...and of the future. With one foot (or tire, as it were) in the construction business with our industry-leading Galaxy brand and the other firmly planted in forestry with our reputable Primex tires, ATG is excited to see the next step of wood construction. Driven by advances in strong, flexible, more fireproof engineered wood products and encouraged by new thinking about building codes, wood has been gaining new life as a building material over the last five years. Today, 17 wood buildings are being built worldwide between 7 and 15 stories tall—and a record-setting 35-story wood building is in the planning stages in Paris.

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