‘Twas the night before harvest and all through the farm
There was no need to worry, no cause for alarm;
The hands were all fed and early to bed,
The weather looked as if full-steam ahead.

The combines and tractors were ready to go,
While the corn and soybeans continued to grow;
And the carts still empty, the silos yet filled,
Not yet aware, of how harvest had been billed;

Websites and news stories had made such a clatter,
Talk of record yields had been much of the chatter.
Extra hands were brought on to help with the bounty,
We even brought the biggest truck in the county.

I was so excited when dawn started to break,
I could hardly believe that I was still awake;
Suddenly I heard the wail of an alarm,
I hurried out the door, it was time to farm!

Now into the New Hollands, Kubotas, and Cases!
On, Massey on Claas, on Deere—machines, in your places!
Everyone into the fields! It is now fall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

And much like the sound of a storm’s thunder clapping,
Huge machines roared to life and began attacking;
Through cotton and corn and soybeans the equipment went,
The trucks and carts overflowed with the harvest they sent.

I looked at the ground and hardly a rut,
I was amazed, considering the glut.
The results must be thanks to our new farm tires,
I better be sure to thank my local supplier.

Reducing compaction and getting great yields,
There’s a reason to be thrilled about my fields!
The future is bright for our family farm,
As long as we avoid doing the ground harm.

This soil has seen generations of harvest,
And this bounty might be our family’s largest.
The carts and wagons are so full that they toil,
Reminding us we must care for our soil.

Checking the air in our tires, making sure it’s just right,
To ensure we do no harm below ground far from sight,
For large footprints and flotation is something we care,
Of our machines’ impact we are acutely aware.

After many long days and many long nights,
The crops were collected and the end was in sight.
Overjoyed with my crew and the crop, I exclaim,

Download the Alliance Catalog NowHappy future harvests and holidays to you and yours from Alliance Tire Americas.