On a trip through the Midwest this past summer, we were fortunate to meet with a few of the people working with our Alliance 363 IF tire in the field and record their thoughts on what makes the Alliance 363 an excellent tire. The people we spoke with ranged from an Alliance Sales Manager and Field Engineer to a pair of corn and soybean farmers from Iowa to a custom applicator from Minnesota—and the praise this group gave the Alliance 363 IF is nearly as diverse as the group itself.

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What sets the Alliance 363 IF apart from the competition 

Alliance Tire Sales Manager Trent Wallin loves the features that make the Alliance 363 IF stand out from its competition—especially its versatility. Designed for applicators that travel from field to field on the road, the 363 IF is engineered to deliver a smooth ride on the road, reduce wear on hard surfaces, and be capable of high speeds (up to 40 mph), all while delivering the performance needed when working in the field.

How the Alliance 363 IF is designed to make you more productive and efficient

Alliance Tire Field Engineer Pat Gaston has an appreciation for the huge amount of technology, engineering, and design that goes into the creation of a tire like the Alliance 363 IF. While Pat loves to share the little details that make the 363 IF stand out, he knows it’s the big features like better traction, better fuel consumption, longer wear, and reduced soil compaction that perk up the ears of farmers and applicators everywhere. 

What farmers think about the Alliance 363 IF  

Farmers are always looking for ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. For Iowa farmers Troy and Blake Elbert, the Alliance 363 is doing the job of two tires and has eliminated the need to change tires between seasons—reducing their workload and saving them money. More than not having to swap tires, the Elberts have been impressed with the 363’s performance in the field, as well as its great ride on the road.


How the Alliance 363 rides on the road and in the field  

Minnesota custom applicator Steve Aldrich has been working in farming for 42 years and has spent a lot of time driving a wide variety of machines. It’s no wonder that a guy with as many hours behind the wheel as Steve would praise the Alliance 363’s ride. But Steve appreciates more than the smooth ride; the Alliance 363 also helps him drive faster, stay in the rows more easily, and do the best job possible.

At Alliance Tire Group, we talk a lot about the fact that our tires are purpose built to solve the issues facing people in the field. These testimonials show that what we are doing is working. Contact your Alliance dealer today to learn more about the 363 IF and learn what Trent, Pat, Troy, Blake, and Steve already know.

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