As a part of a global tire company, I am always very interested in what my colleagues are seeing around the world. I recently got a bunch of photos from Europe of Alliance tires in a wide range of applications. While farmers in the United States are still learning about the incredible advantages of using Alliance farm tires, European farmers were early adopters and realized that Alliance tires solved many of the issues they faced on a daily basis.


Roadability has always been an important factor for European farmers when selecting agricultural tires. European farmers typically manage smaller fields, which means that farm machines in Europe spend a lot of time on the road traveling from one field to another. However, these days, many U.S. farmers find themselves moving between fields more, and farther than, ever. Having a tire that can run at high speeds on the road while performing in the field is vital. Tires like the Alliance 550 MultiUse excel in the field while reducing noise and vibration when being used on the road, and their durability means reduced wear associated with hard-surface use.


DSC_6056_A-580.jpgWhile delicate soil is a concern across much of Europe, wet fields are an issue that also plague European farmers, especially in northern Europe, where wet springs are the norm. That’s why European farmers were quick to adopt flotation tires—and radial flotation, when Alliance developed the technology in the early 1990s. Spreading out the machine’s footprint allows farmers to get out into heavy, wet soils while minimizing soil compaction. Flotation technology is becoming increasingly prevalent on U.S. farms, and ATG further expands its line of flotation farm tires each season to meet the demands of European and American farmers alike.

DSC_8239.jpgToday, increased flexion/very high flexion (IF/VF) technology has brought the low-compaction benefits to narrower tires, helping ensure that farmers on wet soils continue to produce bountiful harvests for years to come. Allowing farmers to carry the same load at lower inflation levels while increasing their tire’s footprint is an advancement in tire technology that has been incredibly beneficial to European farmers. These days, IF/VF tires are becoming more widespread on U.S. farms as American farmers discover the value of using this technology. As the use of IF/VF technology continues to expand, so does ATG’s industry-leading line of steel-belted IF/VF tires to meet the needs of farmers here in the states and across the pond.


While it is always exciting to travel and see the extensive use of our tires around the world (Alliance tires are sold in more than 120 countries), what is more interesting is watching the brand continue to grow here in the States. More and more farmers are learning that Alliance tires are premium quality without the premium price. At ATG, we are working hard to solve the problems facing farmers everywhere, and our dedication to solving these issues has made us the fastest growing off-highway tire company in the industry.
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