On December 5, the United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will celebrate World Soil Day, giving global thinkers and leaders an opportunity to discuss the important role soil plays in our daily lives. While we don’t expect you’ll hear many people saying “happy soil days,” we at ATG do appreciate the significance of soils, since protecting them is of utmost importance in the design of our high-quality, innovative agriculture and forestry tires.


According to the U.N., soil provides living space for humans, as well as essential ecosystem services which are important for water regulation and supply, climate regulation, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, and cultural services. But, they say, soils are under pressure from increases in population, higher demands for food, and competing land uses. Approximately 33% of our global soils are degraded and policy makers around the world are exploring opportunities to embrace sustainable development via the sustainable development goals. 

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On a local level, our efforts at ATG are to help our customers understand the consequences of soil degradation, and how proper tire selection can help improve soil health, namely by reducing soil compaction. 

IF HubSpot.jpgSoil compaction occurs when its particles are compressed and density increases, reducing the space for air and water in the soil, and making it difficult for healthy roots to penetrate the deeper layers. Soil compaction has been shown to negatively impact a crop’s yield and is a common issue facing farmers today who depend on wheeled traffic to maintain their fields. The risk is even greater as farms grow and tightening margins require that heavier, more powerful machinery be used to maximize efficiency.

One of the ways ATG is helping battle soil compaction is with our line of radial flotation tires. As one of the pioneers of the radial flotation tire market, ATG has been at the forefront of the technology for decades and continues to innovate and improve upon our existing products—helping them not only minimize soil compaction, but also to achieve better traction, provide a smoother ride, and reach faster speeds.

ATG is also the only company to have a fully steel-belted line-up of IF/VF (increased flexion/very increased flexion) tires, allowing farmers to operate their machinery at lower tire pressures without compromising load-bearing properties or performance. IF/VF tires at optimum inflation pressures have a larger footprint and distributes the weight of the machine over the largest area possible, making them a great solution for reducing compaction. What’s better, a set of Alliance IF/VF tires can be had at a very affordable price, helping every-day farmers solve their real-world problems without having to skimp on quality.

This December 5, take a look down to admire the incredible ecosystem under your feet, and recognize that if we don’t protect it, our food and water supply could be in jeopardy. Alliance Tire Group takes soil seriously, and because of that we continue to develop tires that meet the needs of farmers while protecting one of their (and the planet's) most precious commodities.

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